Jacek Koman as our correspondent from 2018 Gdynia Film Festival:

...with Łukasz Pałkowski, director of "Breaking the Limits" / "Najlepszy"

...with Agnieszka Smoczyńska, director of "Fugue" / "Fuga"

Patrons & Friends of the Festival

Roman Gutek, director of New Horizons international film festival in Poland (video in Polish)

Mateusz Gutek, from American Film Festival in Poland

Audience Videos

Ania K. immediately after "Mug" / "Twarz"

Different reactions after "Mug" / "Twarz" (video in Polish)

A journalist after "Another day of life"

Ally from Latvia after "The Man with the Magic Box"

Promotional Videos by Sylvia Frackowiak

Polish Film Festival around Melbourne

Festival Gala #1

Festival Gala #2

Trailer Mash