Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

Our heartfelt thanks go to the following generous sponsors and grant donors for making the 7th edition of the Polish Film Festival possible.


When you want asbestos gone, you want it removed by someone you can trust. Proas are your number one choice for asbestos removal in Victoria. We have over 20 years experience safely removing asbestos from homes and workplaces across the state.
We have a Class A Asbestos Removal license from WorkSafe Victoria and are qualified to remove all kinds of asbestos from commercial, residential, and industrial premises. So you can have peace of mind knowing that your asbestos is gone, safely.

Zywiec Beer

Zywiec, imported from Poland, has a hoppy nose and a pleasant golden hue, its distinctive bitter taste is full of flavour and character, the considerable foaming power is known and appreciated by beer lovers all over the world.

Size 500ml and 330ml vol/alc 5.6%.


Tzeramika specialises in handmade and hand-painted Polish pottery imported from Bolesławiec, Poland. The beautiful and one-of-a-kind white & blue designs are world-famous, extremely durable and collectable.

With 700 years of tradition of producing pottery and commercial manufacturing since the nineteenth century, the Bolesławiec ceramics are unique, easily recognised and loved by consumers all over the world.

Tzeramika offer a large selection classical Bolesławiec pieces, which will look great in modern Australian homes. All our pieces are handmade and hand-painted using a unique stamping technique.



Consular services offered by our mission include assistance to Polish citizens, determinations of Polish citizenship and issuance of passports as well as visa services to foreign nationals. The Consulate also works together with the Polish community in Australia in organising various cultural and social events. Furthermore, our goals include the promotion of Poland and Polish interests in Australia.

Victorian Multicultural Commission

We support and advocate for culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians

We champion diversity and inclusion across all areas of society and strengthen multicultural communities by helping them participate in all aspects of Victorian life.

The Polish Film Institute (PISF)

The Polish Film Institute (PISF) is the newest film institute in Europe, established in 2005 in accordance with a new cinematography law passed by the Polish Parliament. It is set up similar to the mechanisms of support for the film industries in many other countries of Europe.

A declaration by the Council of Film Institutes, adopted in London in 2003, also determines the tasks of the Polish Film Institute: “State Film Institutes in Europe exist to support national and European film cultures and industries. Their role is to intervene in those countries in which the production and distribution of European films requires support.”