Polish Film Festival is organised by Polish Cinema in Australia Inc, a non-profit association established in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.
We are enthusiastic film lovers and supporters of Polish culture and arts, promoting the best of Polish cinema in Australia.


Our vision is to establish a strong and sustainable audience in Australia engaged in both Polish and international films and the arts, interested in exploring and celebrating Polish culture and history through cinematography.
We aim to create the appreciation of Polish and global perspectives and independent thought through the work of contemporary and traditional film makers in Poland.


Our mission is to celebrate Polish culture, film and film makers by engaging and collaborating with Polish and Australian communities, with specific programming geared to Polish older and younger generations, Australian film lovers and professional cinematographers.
We achieve this by creating a distinctive and challenging screening program enhancing diverse audience experience, and by upholding a high standard for participants, volunteers and supporters.
We work to accomplish this mission through community film festivals, educational programs for children and youth, community art events providing opportunities for local practitioners and film lovers, raising profile of the Polish screen culture.


Presenting distinctive screening programs showcasing the best of Polish cinema
Open to All:
Engaging Polish and Australian audiences and film industry both in Poland and Australia
Engaging film goes, practitioners, volunteers, partners and supporters to create exceptional personal experience for all



To present annual film festivals which celebrate and explore the best in the Polish screen culture, and integrate well with the existing calendar of successful Polish events across Australia


To attract complementary arts and cultural events and partnerships to extend opportunities for local film practitioners



To engage Polish and Australian community members in actively participating in the organisation, promotion and celebration of Polish arts and culture in Australia