About Us

Polish Film Festival is organised by Polish Cinema in Australia Inc, a non-profit association established in 2018 in Melbourne, Australia.

We are enthusiastic film lovers and supporters of Polish culture and arts, promoting the best of Polish cinema in Australia.

Our vision is to establish a strong and sustainable audience in Australia engaged in both Polish and international films and the arts, interested in exploring and celebrating Polish culture and history through cinematography.

We aim to create the appreciation of Polish and global perspectives and independent thought through the work of contemporary and traditional film makers in Poland.

Our mission is to celebrate Polish culture, film and film makers by engaging and collaborating with Polish and Australian communities, with specific programming geared to Polish older and younger generations, Australian film lovers and professional cinematographers.

We achieve this by creating a distinctive and challenging screening program enhancing diverse audience experience, and by upholding a high standard for participants, volunteers and supporters.

We work to accomplish this mission through community film festivals, educational programs for children and youth, community art events providing opportunities for local practitioners and film lovers, raising profile of the Polish screen culture.


Presenting distinctive screening programs showcasing the best of Polish cinema

Open to All

Engaging Polish and Australian audiences and film industry both in Poland and Australia


Engaging film goes, practitioners, volunteers, partners and supporters to create exceptional personal experience for all

  • To present annual film festivals which celebrate and explore the best in the Polish screen culture, and integrate well with the existing calendar of successful Polish events across Australia
  • To attract complementary arts and cultural events and partnerships to extend opportunities for local film practitioners
  • To expand the screenings to all major cities in Australia, offering Polish and Australian communities across the country an opportunity to learn more about Polish culture, arts and the achievements of the Polish cinema.
  • To engage Polish and Australian community members in actively participating in the organisation, promotion and celebration of Polish arts and culture in Australia.

Our Goals

  • To create an annual film festival in Melbourne and Sydney with an innovative screen program attracting broader and larger audiences
  • To create a retrospective screening of Polish films in Melbourne
  • To expand the volunteers and supporter base for coordination of festivals in all Australian states
  • To create regular events for discussions, sharing ideas and meeting film lovers and film practitioners from Poland and Australia
  • To improve the professional management of all PFF activities

Our People

Festival Founder
Ted Matkowski

Robert Domanski
Robert Kolodziej

Finance and Grants
Dorota Sosnowski

Marketing and Communications
Bozena Rutecki

Graphic Design
Malgorzata Blaszczyk
Daga Mikolajewska

Social Media
Ania Krysztofiak
Martyna Zuchowska
Sylvia Frackowiak

Justyna Krzakowska
Sylvia Skrzypczyk
Jacek Pakula
Agnieszka Frackowiak
Patrycja Frackowiak
Ayaka Okamura

Photography & Video
Michael Bielak
Petros Kondos
Marty Matuszewski

Cultural Organisations Partnerships
Karina Kesvatera

Polish Community Partnerships
Ania Tomala
Lucyna Bak

Sam Azadpour
Ali Bahrami
Ania Krysztofiak

Ambassadors Club

Annika Glac

Annika Glac is a writer, director, producer, and actress. She runs a film production company, Glass Kingdom, which is based in Australia. Glac’s debut feature film BELLADONNA was an Australian-Polish coproduction. Her film BUNNY received a Jury prize at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. She is currently working on her third feature film–a period piece about Marie Curie called RADIANT.

Cezary Skubiszewski

Cezary Skubiszewski is a Polish born Film and Television composer. He has composed music for many films and Television series. A number of his compositions won numerous awards both in Austria and overseas. Cezary first made his mark composing the music for Lilian’s Story. He composed music for Red Dog, Two Hands, Bootmen, La Spagnola  and The Sapphires amongst many. He also composed the music for the popular TV series Picnic at Hanging Rock.

Jacek Koman

Jacek Koman was born in Poland and attended the prestigious National Film School in Lodz. He came to Australia in 1982 and began acting in many films as well as Television shows. He began his career in Holidays on the River Yarra. Over the next few years he starred in a number of popular films such as Moulin Rouge, Australia and The Great Gatsby. Jacek is also the lead singer with the popular Melbourne band VulgarGrad.

Sophia Turkiewicz

Sophia Turkiewicz is an Australian film and television director. She attended the Australian Film and Television School in Sydney where she made the short drama Letter from Poland about a Polish refugee

Her following film was the  critically acclaimed Silver City. The film was about post war Polish immigration to Australia. The film was released internationally and won 3 AFI awards. Sophia also directed a number of Television shows such as

A Country Practice and Something in the Air amongst many others.

Kristof Kaczmarek

Kristof was born in Poland and trained at the prestigious Academy of Acting in Lodz.

He came to Australia in 1982 and quickly began his career in Theatre productions.

Following his initial success he followed with feature films and television.

He appeared in many TV series ( Blue Heelers, Stingers, Rush, City Homiside, Mr Blakes Mysteries etc ) as well as in feature films such as Jackie Chan’s First Strike, Black Neon, Clean and Frank and Jerry.

Played a lead role in The Sound of one Hand Clapping – a film selected for the Berlin Film Festival.

Currently, he is the Artistic Director of Exit Theatre.