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Polish Film Festival history in Australia

The tradition of showing Polish films in Australia goes back to 1994, when Polish films were presented for the first time in Melbourne.  The first Festival (2012) showcased a comprehensive sample of Polish films and was met with an enthusiastic support from the Polish community eager to be engaged in Polish cultural and artistic events, and to have an opportunity to see the best of Polish cinema at that time.

From there, the Festival grew to become an annual event run by Ted Matkowski, with programs presented by Puma Media and exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Perth.

The response from the Polish community to the annual Polish Film Festivals has been fantastic and indicating that the screen program and opportunities to meet Polish actors and directors have been much appreciated. The Festival audiences have been growing considerably each year.

In 2018, the Festival enjoyed great success with the audience growing to over 2,000 people, and attracting not only the Polish-born audiences, but also Australian film lovers.

The program included a broad spectrum of Polish films ranging from comedies and classics, to romance and science fiction.

The film Cold War was also presented during a mini–Festival in Sydney and is now screening in cinemas in Melbourne.

2019 goals


To create a film festival in November 2019 in Melbourne and Sydney with an innovative screen program attracting broader and larger audiences


To create a retrospective screening of Polish films in Melbourne


To expand the volunteers and supporter base for coordination of festivals in all Australian states


To create regular events for discussions, sharing ideas and meeting film lovers and film practitioners from Poland and Australia


To improve the professional management of all PFF activities

Polish Film Festival future

Polish Film Festival organisers aim to expand the screenings to all major cities in Australia, offering Polish and Australian communities across the country an opportunity to learn more about Polish culture, arts and the achievements of the Polish cinema.

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